"I think I have the best job in the world."

Priesthood: A Rich Life in a Secularized World

Knowing the challenges that Monsignor Marc Caron faced when he was assigned to be pastor of Prince of Peace Parish in 2008, people said to him, “Poor you, poor you.” ... More


CUA architectural detail

People Behind the Places

More than just housing classrooms, administrative offices and student residences, the buildings on campus represent — through their names — the religious leaders, donors and advocates of higher education who advanced the development of The Catholic University of America. ... More

Bartholomew sculpture

Not Just Another Day, Not Just Another Gargoyle

Crouching self-protectively, his body torqued as he turns his face backward toward those who are coming to torture and kill him, the apostle Bartholomew has a look on his face not of beatific resignation but of repulsion and terror. ... More

Albrecht Dürer's Christ Washing St. Peter's Feet (c. 1508–1509)

President’s Forum

The Greatness of God’s Gift

It was a beautiful but hot and humid day, the day I was ordained a priest. ... We had observed this ceremony so many times before but now it was our turn. ... More

John Convey, M.J. "Mimi" Schuttloffel and Leonard DeFiore


Fixing What Ails Catholic Schools

A trio of CUA professors is helping dioceses around the country deal with a heart-rending situation: the closing of nearly 1,000 Catholic schools since 2004 ... More

Linebacker Avatus Stone of Oakton, Va., leads the football team in prayer.


Team Spirit(ual)

It’s a common sight in a locker room — the members of a team, amped up before their game, bow their heads or go to their knees to say a few words to God. But what are they praying for? ... More

Professor David Walsh and some of the students in his course on liberalism.


Using Old Political Theory
to Solve Contemporary Problems

For these CUA graduate students, tax day was a perfect time to discuss individual liberty. ... More

Ed Golder with Diet Eman

Alumni Essay

Working the God Beat

Red rimmed the horizon around Cherry Creek State Park as a photographer and I tiptoed over rows of still-sleeping pilgrims. Hundreds of thousands of people had bivouacked in sleeping bags under the stars in anticipation of the culminating event of World Youth Day 1993 ... More