"I think I have the best job in the world."

Apocalypse Averted: How Edward Liddy Helped Pull the U.S. Back From the Brink

In fall 2008, the U.S. financial system faced its gravest crisis since the Great Depression ... More


CUA architectural detail

Optimism for an Improving Economy

“Retail sales drop.” “New jobless claims rise.” “Foreclosures jump.” “Job market remains soft.” ... But, like crocuses blooming on an early spring day, there are small signs of optimism ... More

Bartholomew sculpture

Visiting a D.C. You’ve Never Seen Before

Catholic University graduates who haven’t been back to the city in a while will find that it has changed quite a bit ... More

Albrecht Dürer's Christ Washing St. Peter's Feet (c. 1508–1509)

President’s Forum

Behold Your Mother, Behold Your Son

It was the toughest day of my life and the most difficult decision. ... More

John Convey, M.J. "Mimi" Schuttloffel and Leonard DeFiore


Love and Death?

In Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde, Tristan sings of his yearning for “death’s bliss” ... Isolde ... testifies of the “utmost rapture” ... of dying beside Tristan ... Wagner felt he had captured the essence of the legend. Poppycock, says Joan Grimbert, a CUA professor ... More

Linebacker Avatus Stone of Oakton, Va., leads the football team in prayer.


A Special Alum Begets an Ongoing Legacy

A chilly fall breeze whistled through Davidsonville, Md., on Oct. 23, but that didn’t stop more than 120 CUA alumni and friends from gathering ... for the CUA Athletics Golf Classic. ... More

Professor David Walsh and some of the students in his course on liberalism.


Pondering the Universe

Today, students in Associate Professor Duilia de Mello’s astronomy class study the phases of the moon in the night sky above Catholic University’s campus. What they see leads them to better understand the universe in which they live... More

Ed Golder with Diet Eman

Alumni Essay

God Chose a Baby Girl

It’s mid-afternoon on a warm spring day in 2009 and my husband, Andrew, and I are pacing ... in our hotel room in China. The anticipation mounts as we take turns peering out the door — today we will see our soon-to-be daughter ... for the first time. ... More